Hey Speedstars,  WE appreciate you and we are grateful for your support.  As a growing clothing and apparel brand that is deeply inspired by the JDM car culture of the 90's and motivated by cause related initiatives, we want to further say THANK YOU by including a custom sticker pack with each order.

Your support allows us to continue to expand our clothing lines with new designs inspired by the colorways and design features of the 90's (and sometimes 80's), where the heart of the Japanese car culture captivated the world.  By adding a modern flair through technology, we can continue to evolve Ignition Speed while staying true to our grassroots motorsports roots.  With inspiration taken from the mountain passes of Japan, where the Touge ruled the world of street drifting, we are committed to bringing the style of the day into the 21st century.

Each quarter we will be producing new stickers to complement our iconic and historic sticker packs.  Look for new and exciting designs with each purchase.

Thank You Again!

-Ignition Speed